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Andy is writing a program that will keep track of all the movies a user has watched. After watching a movie, the user can enter the title, a brief description, and a rating of the movie. The user can then use the program to locate a movie he or she has watched and publish the ratings to an online forum. The program also has a “must watch” feature that allows the user to keep track of new movies he or she wants to see.

Which of the following would be most helpful for Andy? Select TWO answers.


A list for each movie containing the data about it (name, description, and rating) as well as a list containing all of those movie lists that the user has entered.


A list of all movies that have been produced; the user can select the movies they have seen from this list when they enter new data.


A “history” feature that keeps track of the date at which movies were entered.


A “search” feature that finds movies from the list based on the user’s search criteria.

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