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Consider the program below:

count ← 0
    if RANDOM (1,1000) <= 15
        countcount + 1 
DISPLAY (count)

The program above could be used to test which of the following?


The Chicago Cubs have a 1.5% chance of winning the World Series in any given year. This program would test the likelihood that the Cubs will win the World Series in the next decade.


A car has a 1.5% chance of not starting on any given morning. This program would estimate the number of times the car will not start in the next decade.


A national coffee chain estimates 1.5% of their customers visit more than once a day. This program would estimated the number of same-day repeat customers this coffee chain expects to see in the next decade.


A teacher estimates that 1.5% of students fail introductory computer science each term. This program would estimate the number of failures the teacher will have in the next decade.

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