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Two programmers, Sam and Emma, are both working on similar code. They are each developing an app that can act as a to-do list, prioritizing tasks and sending reminders to users when a task is due soon. They each plan to publish their own version of the app when they complete it.

Which of the following statements about Sam and Emma are TRUE?

Select TWO answers.


Both Sam and Emma will have to communicate with the potential users of the app in order to ensure their app is easy to use and accessible.


Since their end goal is the same, Sam and Emma will mostly likely use the same algorithms and helper methods to complete their apps.


Since their end goal is the same, Sam and Emma will have the same priorities (such as time efficiency, memory constraints, etc.) as they work.


As they work on their apps, Sam might discover that his app will be better for keeping track of shopping lists, while Emma discovers that her app will be better suited to keep track of TV schedules.

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