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No Man Is An Island (Meditation XVII), John Donne, 1624

Donne, John. "No Man Is An Island (Meditation XVII)." The Literature Network, n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.

In lines 5-6 (“All that…to all”), the author employs all of the following rhetorical strategies EXCEPT:


Pun; the author suggests different meanings of the word “all” in each usage.


Epanalepsis; the author begins and ends with the same word to suggest the all-encompassing nature of the church.


Personification; the author endows the church with living qualities in order to emphasize its charity and grace.


Equivocation; the author equates the adjectives “catholic” and “universal” to highlight their similar definitions.


Paradox; the author speaks in logically contradictory terms to suggest the deep mysteries of religion.

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