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Macbeth, Act I, Scene 7, William Shakespeare, 1623

Shakespeare, William. "Macbeth: Act I, Scene Vii." N.p.: n.p., n.d. N. pag. Macbeth: Entire Play. MIT Shakespeare Database, 1993. Web. 08 Sept. 2016.

Which of the following BEST characterizes the argument in lines 12-25 (“He’s here…the wind”)?


Lines 13-16 present broad generalizations, while lines 17-25 provide specific examples.


Lines 13-16 rely primarily on logos, while lines 17-25 depend on pathos.


Lines 13-16 illustrate benefits, while lines 17-25 outline drawbacks.


Lines 13-16 use declarative sentences, while lines 17-25 use imperative sentences.


Lines 13-16 consider immediate consequences, while lines 17-25 speculate on long-term outcomes.

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