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The Crisis, No. 1, Thomas Paine, 1776

Paine, Thomas. "The Crisis I." The Writings of Thomas Paine. Ed. Moncure Daniel Conway. Vol. I. N.p.: n.p., 1774-1779. N. pag. The Project Gutenberg, 7 Feb. 2010. Web. 4 May 2016.

In lines 1-5, the author develops his rhetorical purpose by


contrasting the difference between the reactions of "man and woman" (lines 4-5).


developing an analogy of all the different types of soldiers who will be a part of "service of his county" (line 3).


using alliteration to set up a contrast between the "summer soldier" and one who "stands it now" (lines 1-4).


employing imagery to show the positive force of the "sunshine patriot" (line 2).


inserting multiple commas in lines 1-5 to show that a delay in the fight will not hurt their cause.

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