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We Want Change, Pope Francis, 2015

Pope Francis. "We Want Change." World Meeting of Popular Movements. Expo Fair Santa Cruz De La Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 9 July 2015. Web. 25 Apr. 2016.

Which of the following is a notable rhetorical feature of lines 54-59 (“This rootedness…interpersonal encounter”)?


The noun “heroism” (line 57) is used grammatically as a verb.


The pronoun “this” (line 57) refers to all of the sentence’s previous clauses.


The second person pronoun “you” (line 57) is the speech’s only direct address of the audience.


The colon “:” (line 57) separates statements of praise from ones of criticism.


The main verb “encounter” (line 59) is the final word in the sentence.

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