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The Tempest

Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Jeremy Hylton, n.d.. Web. 20 March 2016.

Which of the following best captures the meaning of Gonzalo's comment about the Boatswain in lines 49-51?


I find the Boatswain's appearance amusing because he does not look cold from the lashing rain but looks grayish like he has been hanged.


I really like the Boatswain because he is ignoring the storm with a calm face.


I think we will survive the storm because the Boatswain deserves to die by hanging rather than by drowning.


I find the Boatswain's presence troubling because he is not afraid to die from either drowning or hanging.


I am confident that the Boatswain will keep all of us from drowning because he knows how to deploy the life boats.

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