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The Tempest, Act 3, scene 3, 1611

Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Jeremy Hylton, n.d.. Web. 20 March 2016.

Which of the following lines BEST explain the cause for Gonzalo's and Alonso's weariness?


"I can go no further, sir, / My old bones ache" (lines 1-2).


"Here's a maze trod indeed / Through forth-rights and meanders" (lines 2-3).


"By your patience, / I needs must rest me" (line 3-4).


"I cannot blame thee / who am myself attach'd with weariness" (lines 5-6).


"He is drown'd / Whom thus we stray to find, and the sea mocks / our frustrate search on land" (lines 8-10).

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