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The Shades of Spring, D.H. Lawrence, 1914

Lawrence, D.H. "The Shades of Spring." 1981. Access to Literature: Understanding Fiction, Drama, and Poetry. Ed. Elliot L. Smith and Wanda V. Smith. New York: St. Martin's, 1981. 157-60. Print.

Overall, Syson's state of mind can BEST be summed up by


"Like an uneasy spirit, he had returned to the country of his past" (line 1)


"He was curiously elated, feeling himself back in an enduring vision..." (lines 4-5)


"Syson laughed, in his brilliant, unhappy way." (line 50)


"Now, everything irritated him." (line 66)


"What a fool he was!" (lines 67-68)

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