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Coriolanus, Act Four, Scene Five, William Shakespeare, 1605-1610

Shakespeare, William. “Coriolanus.” Folger Digital Texts. Web. 17 Sept. 2016.

The effects of Aufidius’ repeated requests for Coriolanus’ identity include all of the following EXCEPT:


a heightened sense of tension, for both Aufidius and the audience, because of Coriolanus’ refusal to reply.


a heightened sense, on Coriolanus’ part, that he does not possess the appropriate response to Aufidius’ question.


a heightened sense, on Aufidius’ part, that he may be alarmed by the answer to his own question.


a heightened frustration, on Coriolanus’ part, that Aufidius cannot figure out who his interlocutor is without being told.


a realization, on the audience’s part, that Aufidius really has no idea who Coriolanus is, despite their long history as archenemies.

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