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Which of the following is the BEST example of an event that would lead to allopatric speciation?


Several populations of cougars live in geographically separate areas in the San Andres Mountains of New Mexico. Individual males have been tagged and shown to move between the different populations.


Several chimpanzees lived as outcasts in a different part of the forest. They formed a different troop and stayed away from the original troop as much as possible. When their territories overlapped, there were violent conflicts.


During a period of flooding, a species of fish escaped their normal lake and colonized a new lake five miles away. They could not return to the original lake when the floodwaters receded.


Old World vultures and New World vultures have evolved to have similar characteristics such as large size, finding food by soaring, circling over carrion and featherless heads. The two have never lived in the same area and do not share a common ancestor.


The cross-breeding of lions and tigers can produce unique individuals. The breeding of a male lion and a female tiger will produce a sterile liger. The breeding of a male tiger and a female lion will produce a sterile tigon.

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