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Of the following, which would indicate a positive feedback loop that could accelerate global warming conditions?


The warming of the oceans causes melting of polar ice. The loss of ice causes loss of albedo which allows for the faster melting of additional ice. And, since the ice would be replaced by the water or land underneath, this increases the ability of the land or ocean to absorb more solar energy.


The warming of the oceans causes melting of polar ice. This loss of polar ice is a loss of habitat for polar bears which pushes them to move farther inland for food. This increases the competition between the bears and humans for increasingly limited resources such as land or food.


The suppression of fires in grasslands and forests would allow for additional plant growth and lessen the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases.


As the human population grows, the need for more agricultural output increases. There will be more mouths to feed with the population growth. Therefore, this growth in agriculture will produce plants that trap greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in their tissues, and will help slow climate change.


As global warming increases, desertification of grassland areas is possible due to shifting microclimates. As these desert areas grow, the albedo of the land will increase and this can further accelerate global warming.

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