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Love Canal, New York, began as a vision of a modern city fueled by hydropower from a canal dug from the Niagara river. The project was halted and the partially dug canal became a toxic waste disposal site.

In 1953, the waste was covered with topsoil and the site was sold the city of Love Canal. A neighborhood and school were subsequently built on the property. Over the next 25 years, construction and flooding exposed decaying metal drums full of leaching toxic waste.

Which of the following consequences was a result of the Love Canal disaster​?


Benzene exposure led to high white blood cell counts which are precursors​ to leukemia.


Higher than normal levels of cesium-137 were detected in schools of Pacific fish.


Higher than normal levels of iodine-131 were linked to thyroid cancer in humans.


Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons caused heart deformities in tuna and amberjacks.


Over 100,000 animal deaths occurred in species such as birds, otters, seals and orcas.

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