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Gustavus Adolphus, 1630

I call on the all-powerful God to witness, by whose providence we are here assembled, that it is not by my own wish, or from any love of war, that I undertake this campaign. On the contrary, I have been now for several years goaded into it by the imperial party, not only through the reception accorded to our emissary to Lubeck, but also by the action of their general in aiding with his army our enemies, the Poles, to our great detriment. We have been urged, moreover, by our harassed brother-in-law [the elector of Brandenburg] to undertake this war, the chief object of which is to free our oppressed brothers in the faith from the clutches of the pope, which, God helping us, we hope to do.

But even as the pitcher that goes daily to the well must sometime break, so will it be with me; for though, for the welfare of the Swedish kingdom, I have already gone through many dangers and seen much shedding of blood, and have come through it all so far-thanks to God's gracious protection- without bodily harm, yet the time will come when all is over for me and I must say farewell to life. Therefore I have desired before my departure to see you all, from far and near, subjects and estates of Sweden, gathered about me, that we may together commend ourselves and each other, in body, soul, and estate, to our all gracious God, in the hope that it may be his will, after this weary and troublous life, to bring us again together in the heavenly and everlasting life that he has prepared for us.

"Gustavus Adolphus before Sailing for Germany Bade a Touching Farewell to the Representatives of His People Assembled at Stockholm, 1630." Ed. J.H. Robinson. Ginn and Company, n.d. Web. 01 Sept. 2016.

Adolphus gave which of the following reasons for bringing the Swedes into the Thirty Years' War?


Adolphus wanted to seize lost land back from Poland.


Adolphus wanted to support the protestants in their war against the Catholics.


Aldophus wanted to increase the wealth of his merchant class (burghers).


Adolphus wanted to make Sweden the strongest state in the Baltic region.

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