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Matthew Hedstrom, 2015

The tension between autonomy and expertise had been, at a basic level, fundamental to the Protestant experience itself from the Reformation forward, as the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, increasing literacy, and vernacular translations of the Bible undermined the clerical caste's monopoly on spiritual authority.

Hedstrom, Matthew. The rise of liberal religion: book culture and American spirituality in the twentieth century. New York: Oxford U Press, 2015. Print.

The views expressed in the excerpt above are best seen as evidence of which of the following in European society during the Reformation?


The tension between autonomy and expertise that led to the continuing growth of the Catholic Church.


The printing press leading to the development of national cultures.


The growth of vernacular literature helped Protestantism to become widely established.


The growth in the importance of the parish priest to the common European peasant.

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