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Anonymous Eyewitness Account, 1492

One hundred and twenty thousand of them went to Portugal, according to a compact which a prominent man, Don Vidal bar Benveniste del Cavalleria, had made with the King of Portugal, and they paid one ducat for every soul, and the fourth part of all the merchandise they had carried thither; and he allowed them to stay in his country six months. This King acted much worse toward them than the King of Spain, and after the six months had elapsed he made slaves of all those that remained in his country, and banished seven hundred children to a remote island to settle it, and all of them died.

Marcus, Jacob. "The Expulsion from Spain, 1492 CE." The Jew in the Medieval World: A Sourcebook. New York: JPS, 1938. 51-55. Internet Jewish History Sourcebook. Fordham University, July 1998. Web. 20 Apr. 2016

According to the passage above Ferdinand and Isabella were able to consolidate their​ power by


financing the voyages of Christopher Columbus.


marrying and merging their inheritances.


supporting the reforms of the Catholic Church.


eliminating religious opposition.

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