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Just as the invention of money was necessary for the sake of exchange and the needs of men, so for a similar, though not so great, necessity, usury was invented and tolerated; for it is clear that people in business often need to use other people's money, nor is it expedient in all cases to arrange a partnership, a single man's industry being involved; and none are found who will lend for nothing...Under these conditions [usury] is lawful, not only according to human law but also according to all law, divine and natural....

Dumoulin, Charles. A Treatise on Contracts and Usury, 1546. Print.

What was Dumoulin's attitude towards usury?


That charging interest upon repayment of a loan was an acceptable practice.


That charging interest on a loan was an un-Christian act.


That loans of all forms and amounts should be banned entirely.


That only the church should be able to engage in usury.

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