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You push a box with your hand at a constant velocity on a table with an applied force, $F={ F }_{ applied,box,hand }$. In addition, there is a force of friction ${ F }_{ fr,box,table }$. Forces are named with the type of force, the object on which that force is acting, and the object which is exerting the force . As indicated above, friction is the force of friction on the box exerted by the table.

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Which of the pairs of forces below comprise an action-reaction pair?


${ F }_{ fr,box,table }$ and the applied force, ${ F }_{ applied,box,hand }$.


${ F }_{ applied,box,hand }$ and $F_{ applied,hand,box }$.


$F_{ normal,box,table }$ and $F_{ gravity,box,Earth }$.


$F_{ gravity,box,Earth }$ and $F_{ normal,table,box }$

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