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Consider the diagram below depicting an electroscope (a), a charged rod (b), and a conducting wire connected to ground (c). Notice that the foil leaves inside the electroscope are able to move. Numbered are the steps for the action of bringing the rod close to the electroscope and the attachment/detachment to/from ground.

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Which of the following is the best explanation for the change from step 2 to step 3?


The grounding wire is able to cancel out forces created by the charged rod.


The grounding wire acts as a bypass for the forces due to the charge, so the electroscope is completely unaffected.


Since the grounding wire and the rod are in closer proximity than the leaves of the electroscope, the leaves no longer feel any interaction from the charged rod.


Like charges are pushed off the electroscope through the grounding wire instead of into the foil leaves.

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