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A solid sphere has a radius of $50.0\text{ cm}$ and a mass of $2.5\text{ kg}$. It is spinning with an angular velocity of $15\text{ radians per second}$.

If suddenly the dimensions of the sphere can change with no net force and no net torque acting on the sphere, which of the following combinations are possible for the before and after dimensions of the sphere.

Choose TWO answers.


$M=2.5\text{ kg}$
$R=60\text{ cm}$
$\omega=22.2\text{ rad/s}$


$M=2.5\text{ kg}$
$R=25\text{ cm}$
$\omega=60\text{ rad/s}$


$M=2.5\text{ kg}$
$R=72\text{ cm}$
$\omega=12.5\text{ rad/s}$


$M=2.5\text{ kg}$
$R=65\text{ cm}$
$\omega=8.88\text{ rad/s}$

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