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The circuit shown includes an $80\text{ V}$ battery connected to four $100\text{ ohm}$ resistors, labeled ${ R }_{ 1 }$, ${ R }_{ 2 }$, ${ R }_{ 3 }$ and ${ R }_{ 4 }$. Resistor $R_{ 4 }$ is connected in parallel with a capacitor. An ammeter, $A$, is installed to measure the current flowing into the capacitor.

A short time after closing the switch the instantaneous current in $R_{ 3 }$ is $62\text{ milliamps}$ and the instantaneous current in $R_{ 4 }$ is $25\text{ milliamps}$.

At this same instant, which of the following values is the current measured by the ammeter?


$800\text{ milliamps}$


$200\text{ milliamps}$


$87\text{ milliamps}$


$37\text{ milliamps}$

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