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Which of the following statements describe both the gravitational field AND the electrical field due to a proton?

The following is some information that may be helpful when selecting the appropriate choice:

  • The mass of a proton is $1.67\times10^{-27}\text{ kg}$ and the charge of a proton is $1.6\times10^{-19}\text{ C}$.
  • The Universal Gravitational constant, $G$, is $\ \mathrm{6.67\times10^{-11}\text{ m}^3/kg\text{ s}^2}$.
  • Coulomb's constant, $k$, is $\ \mathrm{9.0\times10^9\text{ N}\text{ m}^2/C^2}$.

When the distance from the center of the proton, initially greater than the radius of the proton, is doubled, the magnitude of the field is decreased to one-fourth of its initial value.


The direction of the field is toward the center of the proton.


The field is radial and varies inversely with the distance from the center of the proton for distances greater than the radius of the proton.


The force due to the gravitational field is significantly greater than the force due to the electric field on a second proton that is placed at a distance equal to three times the first proton's radius.

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