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Students are looking at data for the frequency of four different types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

They know that they have data for gamma rays, infrared, microwaves, and visible light and the four measurements are listed below.

  • $0.1\text{ picometers}$
  • $5\text{ micrometers}$
  • $10\text{ centimeters}$
  • $500\text{ nanometers}$

Which of the values is the correct wavelength for the microwaves and one piece of information that supports that choice?


$0.1\text{ picometers}$ because microwaves have very high energy to cook food which is associated with short wavelengths.


$5\text{ micrometers}$ because the prefixes are based on the wavelength and this one matches.


$10\text{ centimeters}$ because microwaves have the longest wavelengths of those listed.


$500\text{ nanometers}$ because calculating the frequency gives a range in the microwave region.

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