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A teacher uses five marbles in a flat rectangular container to illustrate concepts of thermodynamics. The container has a line painted down the center splitting the container into equal left and right sides. The container is set on a vibrating platform so that the marbles are constantly in random motion. The marbles can easily cross the painted line. The teacher takes a snapshot of the ten marbles every few seconds. For each picture the students count the number of marbles on the right side of the container. They plot their results on the frequency graph above.

Which statements can be drawn from the graph?

Select TWO answers.


The teacher and class analyzed a total of nine pictures.


The system has the highest probability of being in a state with two or three marbles on the right side of the container.


There is zero probability that the next picture analyzed will have one marble on the right side.


The entropy of the system decreases over time as more pictures are analyzed.

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