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A bicycle wheel ($m=3\text{ kg}$; $r=1.4\text{ m}$) is rolling clockwise along a flat surface at a constant angular velocity of $12\text{ rad/s}$. A force of $5\text{ N}$ is applied to the wheel as shown in the image.

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If this force is applied for $1.25\text{ s}$, what is the final angular momentum of the bicycle wheel?


$61.81\ \mathrm{ kg\cdot { m }^{ 2 }/s}$


$70.56\ \mathrm{ kg\cdot { m }^{ 2 }/s}$


$79.31\ \mathrm{ kg\cdot { m }^{ 2 }/s}$


$0\ \mathrm{ kg\cdot { m }^{ 2 }/s}$

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