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Consider two cups of coffee sitting on your kitchen table. One cup of coffee was brewed at six in the morning.

You, however, decided to ignore your alarm clock and slept in for three hours. At nine in the morning, you woke up and noticed your cup of coffee had cooled and was a lukewarm temperature of ${ 27 }^{ \circ }C$.

You make a new cup of coffee of the same mass with a temperature of ${ 60 }^{ \circ }C$. To avoid waste you mix both cups of coffee and start drinking.

After mixing, which of the following is the final equilibrium temperature of the coffee mixture?


${ 33 }^{ \circ }C$


${ 43.5 }^{ \circ }C$


${16.5 }^{ \circ }C$


${ 52.5 }^{ \circ }C$

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