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A Mercedes C-Class Sedan ($1550\text{ kg}$) moves along a road at a brisk pace of $125\text{ km/hr}$. The driver does not notice a bend in the road ahead until the very last moment. The driver slams on the brake and the car comes to a stop balancing on the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately the car teeters over the edge and crashes at the bottom of the cliff. A force sensor on the car survives the crash and records a force (during collision) of $829{,}500\text{ N}$.

Assuming a collision time of $0.1\text{ s}$, how tall was the cliff?


$2.73\text{ m}$


$145.97\text{ m}$


$53.52 \text{ m}$


$82{,}950 \text{ m}$

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