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A truck that weighs $20{,}000 \text{ N}$ is parked on a $20 \text{ meter}$​ long bridge. The bridge weighs $10{,}000 \text{ N}$. The truck is located $7.0\text{ meters}$ from the left side of the bridge.

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Which of the following indicates how much upward force does each of the bridge supports exert it they are located at the ends of the bridge?


$ { F }_{ A }=18{,}000\text{ N}$
$ { F }_{ B }=12{,}000\text{ N}$


$ { F }_{ A }=22{,}000\text{ N}$
$ { F }_{ B }=8{,}000\text{ N}$


$ { F }_{ A }=13{,}000\text{ N}$
$ { F }_{ B }=7{,}000\text{ N}$


$ { F }_{ A }=16{,}500\text{ N}$
$ { F }_{ B }=13{,}500\text{ N}$

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