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A $50\text{ kg}$ box of equipment is moving at $2\text{ m/s}$. A $25\text{ Newton}$ force acts on the box for a time of $10\text{ seconds}$.

A group of students is attempting to solve for the final speed of the cart after the ten seconds, and each one has a different approach.

Which student has a valid method for solving the problem? Choose TWO answers.


Student one calculates the acceleration of the cart from the force and the mass and uses kinematics to solve for the final speed.


Student two graphs the force vs. time, determines the slope of the graph and uses that to calculate the final speed.


Student three graphs force versus time. The area is the impulse which is the final momentum of the cart and can give final speed.


Student four calculates the initial momentum of the cart and the impulse given to the cart. Adding those gives the final momentum and the final speed.

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