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Hurricanes are large storms with rotating winds that store a large amount of energy. Data from a recent Category 5 hurricane indicated maximum sustained tangential speeds of $260\text{ kilometers per hour}$ that extend outward up to $75\text{ kilometers}$ from its center. At a greater radius, the wind speeds drop off.

The rotating column of air has a diameter of $700\text{ kilometers}$ and a height of $15\text{ kilometers}$. This column of air has a linear speed moving the entire column of air forward in a straight line as well. An average linear speed is $10\text{ kilometers per hour}$. The density of air is $1.3\text{ kg/m}^{ 3 }$.

Which of the following values is the correct calculation of the total kinetic energy of this powerful hurricane?


$3.48\times { 10 }^{ 9 }\text {Joules}$


$2.90\times { 10 }^{ 16 }\text {Joules}$


$2.13\times { 10 }^{ 20 }\text {Joules}$


$1.78\times { 10 }^{ 27 }\text {Joules}$

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