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Students are experimenting with a spinning stool and some hand weights to explore angular momentum.

One student sits on the stool holding the hand weights in outstretched arms. A second student exerts a constant force on the shoulders to produce the rotation.

Which of the following changes would provide a greater increase in angular momentum of a student spinning on the stool and why? Select TWO answers.


The student who is providing the force will exert the force lower down on the person on the stool so that the force is acting at the center of mass of the person.


The student who is providing the force​ will exert the force for a longer time to increase the impulse provided.


The student on the stool will quickly pull in the weights to his chest as soon as the push is completed so that the angular velocity increases.


The student who is providing the force will provide the force on the outstretched hands rather than on the shoulders to increase the lever arm.

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