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The circuit shown includes an $80V$ battery connected to four $100 \ \Omega$ resistors, labeled ${ R }_{ 1 },{ R }_{ 2 },{ R }_{ 3 }$ and ${ R }_{ 4 }$.

Resistor $R_{ 4 }$ is connected in parallel with an uncharged $5 \ \mu \text{F}$ capacitor. An ammeter, A, is installed to measure the current flowing into the capacitor. The switch is presently open.

Which of the following most closely approximates the current measured by the ammeter the instant immediately after the switch is closed?


$0.00\text{ Amps}$


$0.80 \text{ Amps}$


$0.27\text{ Amps}$


$0.20 \text{ Amps}$

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