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A strobe-light is set to flash once every second. It is in a side window of a car that is moving in the positive direction (from point A toward point E). The night is 'completely dark', so that all that can be observed is the light.

The sketch below represents a photograph taken by a camera with the shutter open while the car moves from left to right. The dots represent the position of the light (and the car window) each time the light flashes on.

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Which of the following combination of letters correctly labels the points in order where the car had:

  1. the greatest velocity
  2. the smallest velocity
  3. the greatest acceleration
  4. the smallest (non-zero) acceleration" the car made its trip from the left to the right (point A toward point E)?


A, B, C, D


C, A, B, E


A, C, B, D


C, A, D, B

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