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A $2.3\ \text{kg}$ ball is rolling on a flat surface at $2.6\ \text{m/s}$. It encounters a ${10}^{\circ}$ ramp and coasts up the ramp with no energy lost due to friction.

What is the momentum of the ball after it has traveled $1.4\ \text{m}$ along the surface of the ramp?


$1.41\ \text{kg}\cdot \text{m/s}$ down the ramp.


$1.41\ \text{kg}\cdot \text{m/s}$ up the ramp.


$3.25\ \text{kg}\cdot \text{m/s}$ up the ramp.


$4.6\ \text{kg}\cdot \text{m/s}$ up the ramp.

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