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The bottom of a tank has a surface area of $1.00\text{ m}^2$. Use $1.01\times 10^5\ \text{ Pa}$ for atmospheric pressure and $9.8\ m/s^2$ for $g$. Assume the liquids have settled into two separate layers. The diagram is not drawn to scale.

What is the pressure $50.0\text{ cm}$ from the bottom of a $5.00\text{ m}^3$ tank if it is filled with $3.50\text{ m}^3$ of a liquid with a specific gravity of $1.23$ and $1.00\text{ m}^3$ of a second liquid with a specific gravity of $0.900$?


$1.48\times10^5\text{ Pa}$


$1.07\times10^5\text{ Pa}$


$1.52\times10^5\text{ Pa}$


None of the above.

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