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A device provides a steady $15.0\text{ Newton}$ force to a $100\text{ g}$ mass on the end of a $75.0\text{ cm}$ rod that can be considered massless. The pivot point is the left side of the rod. The device spins for one minute.

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Which of the following statements are most consistent with the data?

Choose TWO answers.


The final angular velocity of the $100\text{-gram}$ mass after one minute is $12{,}000\text{ rad/s} $.


The torque acting on the $100\text{-gram}$ mass is $1125\ \mathrm{ m\cdot N}$.


The change in angular momentum of the $100\text{-gram}$ mass after one minute is $900\ \mathrm{ kgm^2/s}$.


The tangential acceleration of the $100\text{-gram}$ mass is $150\text{ m/s}^{ 2 }$.

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