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Geostationary satellites have circular orbits with a 24-hour period that matches the rotation of the Earth. This causes them to remain over the same location on the equator at all times.

Mass of the Earth: $6.0\times {10}^{24}\ \text{kg}$
Radius of the Earth: $6.4\times {10}^{6}\ \text{m}$
Mass of the geostationary satellite: $5.2\times {10}^{2}\ \text{kg}$​

How high above the surface of the Earth is the geostationary satellite?


$36 \times {10}^{6}\text{ m}$


$43\times {10}^{6}\text{ m}$


$278\times {10}^{6}\text{ m}$


The altitude can not be determined from the given information.

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