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You observe water sloshing up and down in a U-shaped tube as it set in motion with a force.

The motion starts when a plunger is raised in the left side of the tube. This creates a partial vacuum and the water rises on the left side and lowers on the right side. When the plunger is pulled out of the tube, the water on the left side falls under the influence of gravity and the water on the right side rises.

What evidence can you cite to justify that the motion is simple harmonic motion?

Select TWO answers.


The force of gravity acts as a variable restoring force. The water is pulled down toward the center position on both sides of the tube.


The kinetic energy increases and the potential energy decrease as the water level falls on one side of the tube Energy is conserved.


The motion is a sinusoidal oscillation which has a changing velocity as the position of the center of mass changes in the tube.


You can measure the period of oscillation and the mass of water. This would allow you to calculate the equivalent of a spring constant which is a factor in Hooke's Law and Simple Harmonic Motion.

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