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Students are experimenting with a tuning fork and a long tube filled with water. There is a second tube inside the first and it can be raised and lowered to change the length of the column of air above the water level.

The students hear a louder resonance at position of 33 centimeters above the water.

Based on this experiment, predict what will change when the experiment is repeated on a day when the temperature in the room increases by 10 degrees Celsius.


The frequency that the students hear will be increased because the speed of sound increases in warmer air.


The inner tube must be lowered by 10% to reach an audible resonance to offset the 10 degree temperature increase.


No change is needed since temperature is not a factor with the wave equation that relates only frequency, wavelength and wave speed.


The inner tube must be raised to increase the section of air that vibrates in resonance.

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