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Old vinyl discs were once used to play music on a record player. One of the first types of these rotated at $78\text{ rpm}$. The discs were a flat solid cylinder approximately $25\text{ centimeters}$ in diameter with a mass of $220\text{ grams}$.

If the disc started at rest and reached a final angular velocity of $78\text{ rpm}$ in $2.00\text{ seconds}$, what was the torque required to spin the vinyl record?


$4.08\text{ mN }$


$8.98\times { 10 }^{ -1 }\text{ mN }$


$2.81\times { 10 }^{ -2 }\text{ mN }$


$7.02\times { 10 }^{ -3 }\text{ mN }$

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