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Two hundred grams of water at 100° Celsius is boiled to produce steam at 100° Celsius.

What is the best value for the change in entropy that occurs as a result of this change of state?

  • $L_{ f }=3.34\times { 10 }^{ 5 }\text{ J/kg }$
  • $C =4186\frac { \mathrm{J} }{ \mathrm{kg\cdot C^\circ}} $
  • $L_{ v }=2.26\times { 10 }^{ 6 }\text{ J/kg}$

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The change in entropy is $\Delta { S=74{,}600\text{ J/K} }$.


The change in entropy is $\Delta { S=4520\text{ J/K} }$.


The change in entropy is $\Delta { S=1210\text{ J/K} }$.


There is no entropy change because there is no change in temperature in the process.

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