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Everyone's favorite superhero plans to provide Earth's residents with twice the amount of time in a day (48 vs. 24 hours) to help with our busy lives. The superhero ($\text{mass} = 75\text{ kg}$) applies a force tangent to Earth's surface that is equal to $1{,}000$ times the superhero's weight. Earth has a mass of $5.97\cdot { 10 }^{ 24 }\text{ kg}$ and a radius of $6{,}378\text{ km}$.

Which of the following indicates how long will it take the superhero to accomplish this task?


$2.48\cdot { 10 }^{ 26 }\text{ s}$


$7.52\cdot { 10 }^{ 20 }\text{ s}$


$2.48\cdot { 10 }^{ 23 }\text{ s}$


$7.52\cdot { 10 }^{ 17 }\text{ s}$

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