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Little Jimmy’s toy catapult had an extremely strong elastic (rubber band) that could launch a sponge ball a distance of $2\text{ meters}$. He took it to the beach to destroy sister Suzy’s sandcastle. Jimmy's sandcastle was constructed so that its far wall was a little less than $2\text{ meters}$ from Suzy’s castle.

He placed his (wheeled) catapult firmly against the inside of the far wall of his castle and fired the sponge ball. It was a direct hit! However, it did not significantly damage Suzy’s castle.

Jimmy found a metal ball that weighed $20\text{ times}$ as much as the sponge ball and used it for his next shot. The metal ball had five times the mass of the catapult. He set the tension the same as the first shot and again placed the catapult against the far wall of his sandcastle and fired.

Assuming Jimmy's catapult survived the stress, which of the following statements apply to the second shot?

Choose ALL that apply.


Suzy's castle is in imminent danger; since, ideally, the path of a projectile is independent of its mass.


Suzy's castle would be in less danger than Jimmy's castle.


The metal ball would not leave the catapult.


The castle wall at the back of the catapult would make recoil problems negligible.

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