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Three boxes (X, Y, and Z) are on a frictionless, horizontal laboratory table.

The masses are as follows:

${m}_{X}=2.0 kg$
${m}_{Y}= 3.0 kg$
${m}_{Z}=7.0 kg$


Box X is connected to Box Y by string 1.
Box Y is connected to Box Z by string 2.
Box Z is pulled to the right with acceleration $a$ by string 3 as shown below.

If the tension in string 3 is T (${T}_{3}=$T), what is the tension in string 2 (${T}_{2}$)?

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$\dfrac{3}{12} T$


$\dfrac{5}{12} T$


$\dfrac{7}{12} T$


$\dfrac{5}{7} T$

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