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The circuit shown below consists of a battery of negligible internal resistance and two resistors,
(${R}_{1}= \text{ 6.0 Ohms and } {R}_{2}$). The resistance of the connecting wires is also negligible.

  • The current entering point X in the circuit is $3.0\text{ Amps}$.
  • The current leaving point X and going into the lower 'branch' (containing ${R}_{2}$) is $1.0\text{ Amp}$.

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Which of the following is the value of ${R}_{2}$?


$3.0\text{ Ohms}$


$6.0\text{ Ohms}$


$12\text{ Ohms}$


The value for ${R}_{2}$ cannot be determined, as no voltage is given.

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