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A group of physics students carries out an experiment on thermal conductivity. The students set three copper blocks of equal shape and mass on a thermally insulating surface. The center block starts at $100^\circ\text{C}$ and the left and right blocks start at $0^\circ\text{C}$. The center block is connected to each of the side blocks with a thermally conducting cylinder. The cylinder on the right has length $2L$ and cross-sectional area $A$.

The cylinder on the left has length $L$ and cross-sectional area $A$. The experiment is carried out in an environment with normal room temperature. A small amount of time passes and the students measure the temperature of each of the blocks.

Which of the choices below represents a possible set of values for the temperatures of the three blocks?


Left: $5^\circ\text{C}$; Center: $85^\circ\text{C}$; Right: $12^\circ\text{C}$


Left: $0^\circ\text{C}$; Center: $50^\circ\text{C}$; Right: $50^\circ\text{C}$


Left: $45^\circ\text{C}$; Center: $28^\circ\text{C}$; Right: $31^\circ\text{C}$


Left: $15^\circ\text{C}$; Center: $62^\circ\text{C}$; Right: $7^\circ\text{C}$

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