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A student wants to compare three light bulbs that are all connected directly to a $120\text{-volt}$ source. The lights are a $60\text{-watt}$ incandescent bulb (traditional), a $30\text{-watt}$ compact fluorescent (CFL), and a $10\text{-watt}$ light emitting diode (LED).

Which statement below is correct?


The current in the traditional bulb has a current that is $36$ times greater than the current in the LED bulb.


The energy used by the CFL bulb in one hour is equal to the energy used by the traditional bulb in three hours.


In the same time that $100\text{ coulombs}$ of charge flow through the CFL bulb, at least $300\text{ coulombs}$ of charge will flow through the LED bulb.


In the same time that the LED bulb uses $2\text{ kJ}$ of energy, the traditional bulb will use $12\text{ kJ}$ of energy.

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