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A brave (or foolish) $55.0\text{ kg}$ teacher demonstrates static equilibrium by placing a $13.0\text{ kg}$ wooden board on her desk. The length of the board is $3.66\text{ m}$ and she makes sure that $50.0\text{ cm}$ of the board extends beyond the desk to the right.

The teacher climbs onto her desk, stands on the board and then slowly moves until her center of gravity is $28\text{ cm}$ from the right end of the board as shown below. Note that the picture is not drawn to scale.

Laura L. Lang. Created for Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

Which of the following statements about the teacher-board system are correct? Select ALL that apply.


The foolish teacher cannot balance on any part of the board that is not supported by the desk so she flips the board and falls to the floor.


The brave teacher is able to balance even though her center of gravity is $22\text{ cm}$ beyond the edge of of the desk.


The foolish teacher first had to stack twenty $2.0\text{ kg}$ physics books on the other end of the board (with their centers of gravity $15\text{ cm}$ from that end) to balance when her center of gravity is $22\text{ cm}$ beyond the edge of the desk.


The brave teacher can balance a distance of $22\text{ cm}$ beyond the edge of the table even if she is holding two $2.0\text{ kg}$ physics books.

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