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Sphere A and Sphere B, two hollow metallic spheres of equal size and mass, are each given an electric charge, $–Q$ and $+Q$. Sphere A hangs by a non-conducting thread, while Sphere B is attached to a non-conducting rod. As the two spheres are brought close together, Sphere A swings upwards until its string makes a $45^\circ$ angle with the vertical.

Which of the following statements is inconsistent with the scenario above?


The gravitational force between Sphere A and the earth is equal to the electric force between Sphere A and Sphere B.


Every particle with charge in Sphere A attracts every particle with charge in Sphere B.


Every particle with mass in the earth attracts every particle with mass in Sphere A.


The vector sum of the gravitational force on Sphere A and the electric force on Sphere A is directed down and to the right.

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